Hands can tell a lot about woman, therefore it is so important to make sure your manicure is perfect and suitable for the season. Summer presupposes bright colors and daring combos, but don’t try too hard. To meet the summer 2023 fashion requirements check out the best manicure ideas for 2023.

Spring/Summer no doubt requires vivid and bright nail polish combos for you to revive after dull wintertime. Check out what is considered to be trendy in hot summer 2023 season. Read on for best manicure ideas for this year.

Animal Prints

Animal prints applied to nails are one of the hottest manicure ideas for Summer 2023. Try to combine different nail polish shades to diversify for instance traditional leopard print. By the way pink plus black would make a wonderful summer combination.

Half-moon Manicure

Half-moon manicure or Dior nail art is an absolute summer 2023 manicure must-try. You can opt for a classic version coupling red nail polish with white or silver one a la Dita Von Teese or try to experiment pairing two nail polish shades from one range of colors, for example light blue with a dark one.

Stripes, stripes, stripes…

Summer 2023 fashion turned striped… and the same goes to manicure. Stripes, stripes and again stripes of different colors, different width and directions… wide and horizontal or narrow and vertical, striped manicure is among the best manicure ideas for summer 2023.

Crackle nail art

Crackle nail art has fascinated fashionistas all over the world and no wonder, as this easy-to-do yet gorgeous manicure idea doesn’t require special skills, but looks extraordinary and therewith every nail patter is unique. You need just a couple of nail polishes one of which should be set for crackle nail art while the other would be used as a base color

Crackle Nail Art Tips

Crackle from French means a fine network of cracks appearing in the glaze surface of pottery work. But here it doesn’t come to ceramics or glaze, as this so called crackle effect has become increasingly popular in modern nail art. Moreover nowadays minimalism and naturalness are in high demand at beauty industry, and the same concerns nail art as well. Thus all these gaudy patterns and sparkles are considered to be bad taste. But it is spring and we are eager for unusual manicure, and here crackled nail art effect would be the best choice. Learn how to do it properly with our crackle nail art tips.

The main principal of a good crackled manicure is a special coat. And if you want to get the best nail art with crackled effect you are to follow these steps:

  • The 1-st nail polish coat is used as a base coat. Here it is better to opt for contrast nail polish shade; also matte nail polish color would be a good choice. Let the 1-st coat dry completely.
  • The 2-nd coat should consist of special nail polish that possesses this magical crackle effect. If you want to get more fanciful designs it is advisable to apply a very thin coat of crackle/shatter nail polish.
  • The 3-d coat of nail polish should necessarily include finish or top coat of nail polish as it would add glitter to your nails and let the crackled effect last longer.

And now let’s sort out which brands offer us the best crackle nail polishes:

OPI Black Shatter that was launched with the help of Katy Perry, unfortunately only black color is included.

Isadora gladdens us with its Graffiti Nail Top that luckily composed of various shades.

Mia Secret didn’t stand aside and launched its Crackle nail polish collection composed of various nail polish shades with crackled effect.

China Glaze with 6 Crackle Nail Polish Shades