There are beauty trends that just keep coming back to become new and refreshed for the new upcoming seasons like smokey eyes and red lips. These beauty trends are modern classic so get ready to see what are the Top 10 best beauty trends of all time!

60s- nspired eyeliner never goes out of fashion. It bears the glamour of the old Hollywood and doesn’t require anything else except a coat of mascara. Get a flawless complexion and draw a line on your upper lash line. You can outline it with a kohl first and them coat it in liquid eyeliner to prolong the effect. This look can be worn with any lipstick from vibrant red to skin-colored.

Smokey eyes can be worn in daylight as well in the evening. Brown tints and light gray, as well as other brighter colors can work great for daytime smokey eyes. There are plenty of smokey eye variations for different eye color and shape. This fall silky smokey eyes are top trendy, so put on purple, black or metallic gray eyeshadow and add a bit of nude cream shade just where the color ends to make your eye look silky and smooth.

Red lips are ever seductive. These are for special nights and occasions. Choose your perfect shade of red to impress and fascinate. Red lips are so ‘in’ this season they are everywhere from runways to red carpet. So if you think the red is your color and you are open for experiment just go for it.

Loose voluminous waves beach-style or stronger. Celebrities and women across the world have sported short waves, medium waves, long waves for a long time. In 30s and 60s they were stronger like curls and in 2000s they became more loose and messy. The easiest way to get wavy voluminous hair is to pull your hair in a bun for the night. In the morning you’ll only have to spritz it with hairspray and use a bit anti-frizz if needed. Avoid using too much product to keep the look natural, messy and loose.

Natural makeup or as it is also known nude  makeup is ‘in’ again for Spring/Summer season. It’s great for daytime. However let the name not trick you into thinking that it doesn’t require much effort. It does, but with a bit of practice it will be so easy you won’t even notice. The key features of natural or nude makeup is a flawless complexion. You might even won’t need mascara, shadows or lipstick.

Nude makeup is unnoticeable on the face or at least should be so. Use lightweight foundation and a bit of concealer if needed. Mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow are up to you. You can use clear mascara just to define your lashes as well as use it to straighten and accentuate your brows. Lips can be coated in gloss, lip-colored lipstick or just lip balm.

Bob is flirty, youthful and suits most women. Couple of years ago celebrities sported nothing else than bob. Long bob, fringed bob, elongated-front bob and other bob styles. What else can be said? Bob is a versatile and easy cut. It can be cute, sexy or edgy and it will always look stylish.

Silky pout became especially popular after Angelina Jolie appeared on screen. When botox became available women started pumping it into their lips to get her pout. But let’s admit botox lips don’t look very natural. Besides there are other safer ways to get luscious lips. Gloss is your friend. It adds volume and makes your lips look silky and smooth. Avoid dark colors, which may narrow your lips.

Pixie cut has been popular among celebrities for some time and this year it was brought back again by such stars as Emma Watson who cropped off her beautiful locks and Ashlee Simpson who went platinum blond together with getting a pixie cut.

Red hair has become popular anew as celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone proudly rock their gorgeous red locks.

Glowing skin is always ‘in’ as it adds charm to any of your looks. Apply bronzer or other glowing products to the highest points of your face. It will give that glow that you need. Learn how to get long-term radiant skin.