Gals get ready, there is a whole new hair color in the town. It got “mushroom brown” name and known as one of the most sold shades of the season. The best way to describe the shade is to make you think of portobello mushroom which is the ultimate inspiration for the trend. It requires blending the shades of brown, purple and ashy grey tones for a multidimensional look. Mushroom brown also incorporates highlights and lowlights and some other toning techniques for the best look. Go on reading to see the best trend: mushroom brown hair colors for 2024.

Mushroom Brown Balayage and Babylights 

Is that possible not to fall in love with this amazing shade? As you can see balayage and babylights are the perfect match. The subtle transition from darker to lighter shade is the first thing that grabs attention. Ashy babylights provide with a cool and natural dimension throughout. It is the greatest style for brunettes that are looking for a color change but they are not into lighter tones.

Ashy Light Brunette Balayage 

This ashy brown hue is bound to spin heads. You can wear this hair color in any season you want. It required blending shades of grey and blue, achieving a moody and highly required tone. However, this particular mushroom brown is for ladies with warmer skin tone. If you don’t have it, please, talk with your hair colorist before you will rock the tone. We don’t want you to have a washed out look.

Smoky Sun-Kissed Effect 

This look is all about a lovely contrast throughout your locks. The dark and smoky mane is taken a notch higher with contrasting sun-kissed highlights. Due to these highlights, your strands will look fresh and healthy. Dear brunettes, this one is definitely the style you need, if you are not into a high-maintenance coloristic solution.

Matte Bronde 

Only skillful hands may provide you with a perfect hair color like this. It takes the best of blonde and brown shades. The seamless blend of  these two tones provides with an unforgettable look. Note that the shade is still dark to keep your brunette side. You just need to get a right haircut and hairstyle to show off the entire beauty of the shade. So good luck!

Balayage Brown Hair 

When it comes to this style, it is a result of balayage highlights. The beauty comes from its simplicity. No much contrast, now much maintenance- this is the key to the look. The idea is great for different skin tones and eye colors. Unkempt styling is what you need to showcase the beauty of the shade.

In love with smoked up hues? Check out these ash brown hair colors that tend to turn many heads. Ash brown happens when natural brown shade meets silver highlights. Ash brown complements numerous skin tones, but it is important to consult your hair colorist, before you decide to pull off the shade. Ash brown is not a light shade but you will still need to bleach your hair to get what you want, otherwise the result may disappoint you. If you are ready, let’s start.

Icy Ends

Perhaps this bob wouldn’t look so chic without a sophisticated hair color like this. It features dark ash brown hair color that is combined with icy ends towards the tips. This color combo is a great option for ladies who want to keep it dark. However, it goes without saying that you will need to bleach your bob before applying the tones. We highly recommend getting the look at hair salon.

Brown To Ash Blonde

We have something for ladies who are not ready to go for full commitment. The beauty of the color comes from pairing brown and ash blonde shades. Indeed, these two tones create a wonderful color combination that requires bleaching only the tips. Gorgeous waves are a great way to bring out the beauty of tones. If you want to get exactly what you want, show this picture to your hair colorist.

Cool Mauve

Luckily, there are numerous ways to experiment with ash brown hair colors. Here is another option that you may like. As you can see the tones are seamlessly blended but some silver tones placed on the tips give extra pop to the look. Apart from silver streaks, there is no any harsh lines. However, this ash brown is on the darker spectrum of the color.

Silver Streaks on Brunette Hair

Here is another style that came to prove that it is not necessary to go for all over color change to achieve an amazing look. The following hairstyle is a great option for brunette who want to experiment with silvery hues. Just add several silver streaks to your tresses to get a look that is more interesting. Note that silvery hues throughout brunette locks give visual interest to the headdress.

Ashy Undertones

Want to jazz up your look? Consider playing with various tones to have a shade that looks better. The color features dark base and light tips. If you like this ombre hair color, it is the highest moment to try it for yourself. At least it is a low-maintenance because you don’t have to touch your roots.

Dark Brown:  It is important to keep dark brown hair healthy and shiny so appointment to hair salon and proper hair care are must. Apart from this, you should care about your hairstyle as well. A hair color is never complete without a right hairstyle. Thus, here we have complied some dark brown hair colors and hairstyles to help you choose a flattering hair design for your natural-looking strands. Another great idea is to enhance your brown hair is to brighten up with partial hair highlights. If you are ready for some new ideas, just pass through out article.

Long Dark Brown Hair with Textured Bangs 

Those who have always thought that dark hair is boring and monotone, should definitely check this amazing look. It features long strands and gorgeous textured bangs. The monochrome look of the locks is amazing due to the hairstyle. All you need to do is to create a right amount of texture. You can do that by using hair tools and products. Note that  for this amazing look having a similar crop is equally important.

Brown Sun Kissed Hair and Half Updo 

Having dark hair is nothing but chic. Structurally-placed hair highlights are the key to the greatest brunette locks. This particular look requires highlighting your hair with caramel brown streaks for a whole new style. Caramel streaks provide those sun-kissed vibes you have ever wanted to feel. A beautiful half up half down hairstyle comes in handy to show of the gorgeousness of highlights.

Long Dark Brown Hair 

This blowout hairstyle is bound to turn heads. It not only speaks about your brunette side but also brings out your femininity and sexiness. Ask your hairstylist to apply a tone lighter highlights to avoid too much of contrast. The highlights will add extra interest and dimension to your strands. Just try and you will never regret for the look. Show off the power of brunette hair.

Dark Mocha Locks and Foilyage Highlights

The technique of applying highlights is quite important since the overall look of your hairstyle depends on the type of highlights you choose. This hairstyle has foilyage highlights that make the locks look rich and pretty. Slightly wavy effect makes the style complete. It is an exceptionally beautiful style for long-haired ladies. So, if you are one of them, just give it a try.

Long Brunette Hair with Soft Highlights 

Sometimes you just need to opt for some soft hair highlights to enhance your strands. Even with less contrast you may have an outstanding hairstyle like this.