Fall/Winter nail trends include lots of different nail art designs. From polka dot to exciting new patterns the nail art is taking a whole new level. Most of the looks can be achieved at home with a bit of practice or simply inspire to create a unique design of your own.

#1 Velvet Nails

Velvet nails at Ruffian are simply breath-taking. Made in rich colors and moon manicure design these are our favorite nails of all. Ciate helps to achieve the look in three different colors with their Velvet Manicure kit.

#2 Blue & Pink Ombre Effect

Blue and pink nail color scheme as seen at The Blonds looks great. Both colors are applied sparsely in feather strokes to the white base with different designs in between. The look can be achieved by using a sponge instead of the nail polish brush so it basically gives the nails a sort of ombre effect.

#3 Candy Nails

Candy nails at Nicole Miller look like a great summer nail art. It can be created with a number of bright polishes. It’s also a great way to add a bit of color into the moody fall beauty routine.

#4 Polka Dot

Black and white polka dot nails with different-sized dots as seen at Kate Spade fashion show are both playful and glam. This nail art is also quite easy to create using just two polishes and a bit of prictice.

#5 Floral Print

Floral print created with coral red, white and light blue mimics the print from Rachel Antonoff’s outfit and looks both bright and winter-y with icy blue flowers. Another nail art design from Rachel Antonoff is dark blue nail polish with uneven metallic finish.

#6 Monochrome Nails

Monochromatic nails at 3.1 Phillip Lim are both cool and casual. The black nail polish makes for a nail art background then the two stripes are drawn at the side of the nail in white and gray.

#7 Colorful Nail Appliques

Colorful nail appliques as seen at Jeremy Scott fashion showare colorful and bright and look like colored rhinestones strictly arranged in perfect rows. Each finger is done in a different color.

#8 Greyhound Pattern

Greyhound pattern as seen at David Koma is a fresh new nail art design that is both interesting and elegant. The idea is to create a rounded stripe of grey color in the middle of a perfectly polished nail.

#9 Metallic French Mani

Metallic French manicure is another fresh take on the classic style. The metallic tips look interesting andcan be paired with any color to match the outfit.

#10 Zig Zag Pattern

At Mara Hoffman one of the nail designs featured cool zig zag pattern in black and metallic. The result look is eye-catchy and cool. Zig-zag is a great but probably more challenging to achieve alternative to the stripes.

#11 Prints Coordinated With Outfits

Cala has made some customized Minx that mathed the nail art to the outfits. Minx is now offering a service to customize your own Minx patterns and designs.

#12 Colorful French Manicure

French manicure is a classic mani that is getting constantly reinvented. If you’re tired of a regular French manicure look into these fabulous French manicure ideas that are fresh and glam. Some of them might not be very wearable in daily life.

#13 Gold Tips

French mani made with gold tips can make for a great evening look. Gold goes well with many different colors, though with dark polishes they will look more dramatic. Metallic tips also look cool and will certainly be trendy after being spotted at Behnaz Sarafpour Fall/Winter 2024 fashion show.

#14 Mesh Tips

Mesh tips, clear tips, lace tips can be created with help of actual materials, nail polish as well as nail appliques. This will definitely add drama to French manicure. The key to pullish off such mani is to find a way to create it so that it was wearable.

#15 Reversed French Mani

Reversed French manicure is another take on the classic mani but it can make the nails look shorter than they really are so it should be created with the colors that will not shorten the nails.

#16 Double tip

At Rebecca Minkoff the nude nails were enhanced with double French manicure. The double line at the tips looks interesting and fresh.

#17 French + Moon Manicure

Combining a French with Moon manicure Ruffian has created some very eye-catchy nail art designs