Age is nothing when you have a young spirit. There are many ways to accentuate it and a hair color or haircut is just one of them. Women who are already 50, have many hair color options to rock- from dark to light. So here we have prepared some examples of incredible hair colors for women over 50 to inspire them. Just fallow us, to see all those pictures you want to see.

#1 Bronze Chocolate Hair Color 

Perhaps bronze chocolate is one of the most popular shades among mature women. It seems the best to flatter their face. Even though bronze highlights make it a bit difficult to maintain for brunettes, but it is still great to warm up the complexion flatteringly. The best thing is that it looks great with any hairstyle and haircut. If you are over your 50s then you need to try this shade.

#2 Black Gray Hair Color 

If you have graying hair, then embrace this amazing hairstyle. Some of you may think that gray hair is not sexy but the modern way of blending it with a black shade is absolutely amazing. You should ask your hairstylist for the balayage technique as it is the best for blending the tones into each other. Get a stunning hairstyle like this and rock it proudly.

#3 Bright Blonde Hair Color 

Here is a great idea for those with blonde hair as well. You don’t need to go far from your favorite shade, instead, you can go for this bright blonde. It starts with some gray roots and gradually turns into a light blonde. It is a low-contrast dye job that doesn’t require frequent touchups. The ideal undertone is the key to create an incredible hairstyle like this.

#4 Natural Bronde with Warm-Toned Highlights

If you have thought that the balayage is just for the young crowd, everyone can experiment with the style and find the best solution. For many beauties, there is nothing better than natural bronde with some cute warm-toned balayage highlights. It will not only provide with a magnificent look but also take some years out of your face, just try and you will not regret.

#5 Hair Color for Brunettes

Last but not least, we have a great idea for dark-shade lovers. Getting older never means to give up on your favorite hair color or hairstyle, instead, you can embrace it. Just take care of your tresses and get the shade you want to have. Wear any dark shade you want on your long or short hair and show off your young spirit. I am sure you are going to be a great inspiration for others.

Choosing a right hair color could completely change up your look. Apart from being trendy, your hair color should have a power to make you look younger. Indeed, getting a shade like this is not an easy task, for this reason we made our mind to create a list of the most fabulous hair colors for 2024 that can take several years out of your face. Check this list and think of bringing new life to your boring and monotone strands. Let’s start.

#6 Warm Honey Blonde 

Lighter hair colors tend to make one’s look younger. Indeed, it is important to choose right tones, otherwise the result will not be so impressive. Well, it is not recommended to go for cool ashy tones, instead you can try honey tones for a true warm hair color. Just have a look at the model below. This warm honey blonde not only makes your locks healthier but also takes several years out of her face. 

#7 Warm Balayage Hair Color 

Brunettes will definitely appreciate this chic approach towards their strands. It is never must to go for an all-over hair color change for an impressive hair color like this. As you can see warm honey balayage takes things a notch higher. This balayage is having a moment right now. It is a low-maintenance yet mind-blowing hair color that is worth trying.

#8 Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Who said chocolate brown is out of trend? It is a huge misunderstanding. If you are a lady with dark hair, we recommend you to throw in some warm chocolate-y highlights throughout your dark hair and get a whole new look. One of the best inspirations is shown below. Take it as an example and go ahead.

#9 Subtle Warm Balayage for Dark Hair 


Here is another style for ladies with dark hair. It requires lightening the tips of your locks with a subtle balayage. This trick works for ladies who are not ready to commit. Get a shade that is one or two tones lighter than your locks. In this way the contrast will not be so much and you will have a natural- looking hair color. Note that it is also trendy and amazing.

#10 Auburn and Honey Blend 

You can’t find another trendy hair color rather than this auburn and honey mix. This warm effect has been achieved by blending red and deep brown undertones. Just don’t forget to take into consideration your skin tone and eye color before rocking this unique shade.

#11 Vanilla Lilac Hair Color

A few things that you can see in the upcoming seasons are the sweaters, sweaters and again sweaters. But it is time to forget about sweaters, let’s just enjoy a new hair color, that is more than a shade. It is a definition of femininity and gorgeousness. Meet Vanilla lilac hair color that is considered to be one of the most Nobel shades of 2024. Read on to get everything you would like to know about this light and ultra-feminine trend. The Details About the Shade

Well, In fall and winter everyone likes to darken their hair according to the mood of the season. Well, having dark hair is not bad, but not a must as well. You can keep it light or dark the choice is up to you.

When it comes to this trend, it has popped up on Instagram, when a woman uploaded a picture with soft waves blended with a magical mix of brunette roots fading to cinnamon and vanilla hues that gradually lighten to pastel lilac ends. It may sound confusing, but you will absolutely fall for this shade. How to Get It

Perhaps now you want to know how it is possible to get this head-turning hair color. Well, it goes without saying that getting a shade like this you will need to bleach some sections of your strands and then apply the lavender hue. Since it is a light shade, bleaching is a must. Her hair colorist mentioned that her client already had pre-lightened strands so she worked on face-framing pieces as well. A look like this requires an expert knowledge, so you will need to make sure that your hair colorist is skillful enough to provide you with this up-to-date shade.

In case if you have dark hair, we highly recommend you starting from the dark shade of purple since bleaching your hair to the lightest shade can be too damaging. Consult with your hair colorist before you will choose a purple tone for your hair. Just don’t miss your chance to experiment with the vanilla lilac, the hottest trend of the season.