You have strands that are boring and monotone? Well, that means you are in the right place in a right moment. These fab blonde and brunette hair highlights are meant to make your look more beautiful. Regardless of your current hair color, you can try any of these styles. Brunette hair colors with blonde highlights flatter every skin tone and eye color. The best thing about shades is that they are easy to achieve and don’t require harsh chemicals.

Brown Color Melting 

Color melting is one of the most requested techniques in popular salons. One must have skillful hands to achieve the look. Indeed, the ideas for melting shades into each other are versatile so you need to do your choice before going for the style. This amazing brown color melt looks quite natural. It is more natural than a head full of highlights.

Different Shade of Brown 

When you decide to melt three different shades of brown, you are bound to create a head-turning a warm hair color. The warm shade creates an illusion of blonde that looks super beautiful with brown tone. The technique is just amazing for those who want to keep their dark brown while adding a hint of blonde for extra richness.

Coffee with Cream 

It is time to say goodbye to your boring and plain brown hair and try something different. Have you ever thought of bleaching your hair? If no, then it is the right moment to think about it. We offer you to maintain the dark shade on the crown part and go lighter towards the tips. This creamy blonde creates a beautiful contrast.

Ombre Balayage Combo 

Ombre and balayage brunettes! This idea is the best for you to update your current hair color. This hand painting technique works beautifully both on medium and long hair. The key to this look is the technique that needs to be done right. So make sure that you have a right hair colorist for the look. He/she should be familiar with the technique.

Blonde Brunette 

Everything about this headdress is beautiful. It is a trendy hair color that is worth trying, you can’t go wrong with the shade since it uses two different shades of universally appealing colors such as blonde and brunette. It is a solution for women that can’t commit between brown and blonde shades. A beautiful haircut is bonus for  this style.

If you have always considered brown hair dull and plain it’s the right moment to rethink. Brown tones applied with balayage technique without foil resulting in a more exquisite and natural way is a hair goal for all brunettes out there. It’s the best way to leave others with a major hair envy. Indeed, mixing various shades together has never been so much fun. So, take your time and check these natural looking brunette balayage hair colors for 2024 and think of an appointment with your hair colorist.

Burnt Orange Tips

You are up to a bold hairstyle? Change up your brunette balayage with orange balayage highlights towards the tips of your locks. If you want to end up with a natural-looking hair color, using balayage technique is must. As you can see the color works well on brunettes. Now dark-haired ladies also can try out bold and vivid shades, such as orange, blue, green etc. However, orange creates a beautiful contrast with dark shade.

Auburn Highlights for Brunettes 

Add some drama to your look with incredible highlights. Auburn tones injected to your brunette locks is impeccable. You can use your imagination and play up with various tones for a unique color combo. Want to try something different? Well, this is the best idea for you. However, a little bit bleaching is necessary particularly when you very dark hair.

Light Brown Balayage

You don’t need to go fur from your natural hair color to achieve a striking hair color. Ask your hair colorist for two-tone lighter highlights and by using the balayage technique apply to your locks. It is a great option for ladies that want to change up their look but are not ready for a huge commitment. It is also a low-maintenance hair color, that doesn’t require frequent touchup.

Ash Blonde to Grey Ombre 

Beauty trendsetters with grey locks have been all over Instagram. The delicious look produced by the tones spins heads and leaves ladies with hair envy. It is impossible to resist the beauty of these shades. Having the grey color on the tips of your locks, makes you forget about grown out roots. For a full look, you should consider styling your locks in loose waves.

Honey Brown Highlights 

Next shade that works particularly well with brunette hair is honey brown. Indeed, the contrast is visible, but it still looks subtle and delicate. Slight waves added throughout the locks add a sophisticated touch to the style, and bring out the best of the shades. Note that the look is created with the help of our favorite balayage.

Caramel balayage is having a moment right now. It is a universally appealing shade that compliments all skin tones. Caramel creates a fabulous look when paired with dark roots, but we can’t say that it doesn’t work with blonde shades. Here are represented caramel balayage highlights for brunettes in 2024. When it comes to balayage technique, it offers styles that are natural-looking and effortless. If you are going for this style, you don’t need to go for a touch up every few weeks. Keep up reading to know more.

Brunette to Blonde Waves

Having amazing hair like this will boost your confidence and make you feel more confident. It is a great version both for brunettes and blondes. Caramel balayage highlights ensure that your locks will stun every day. It is an effortless and low-maintenance hair color that looks great on every haircut. However, ask your hairstylist to place some layers throughout your locks to create a full look.

Caramel Balayage Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

An exquisite caramel hue woven throughout dark brown hair provides with an interesting hair color, full of contrast. It complements wavy texture bringing out the best of the style. Indeed, these look is fur of being boring or plain. Even if you throw your hair up in a bun, the highlights will still be visible. However, waves have always been the best way of bringing up the tones.

Caramel Balayage Highlights for Bob

Elevate your bob with some incredible curls. Ask your hairstylist to throw in some layers and spice things up with caramel highlights. The combination provides with a sophisticated and chic hair look. The balayage highlights enhances the entire look making it more modern and luxurious. Luckily, it is a no-maintenance dye job that doesn’t require frequent touchups.

Balayage for Extra Long Hair

Balayage caramel highlights tend to take away the boring touch of long strands. The gorgeous hair color makes the textured crop more interesting and flattering. Because of caramel balayage highlights, this hairstyle gets a whole new look. This hairdo is just a great idea for everyone, regardless of skin tone, eye color and natural texture.

Thin Caramel Highlights

Indeed, dark brown hair with thin caramel highlights creates the best color combo ever. Thin caramel highlights add a romantic touch to the style. The contrast between the tones is still subtle. The technique of applying shades is pretty important. As far as you know balayage is the answer to all your questions. The advantage of rocking a hair color like this is that it cuts your visits between hair salons.