All women are fond of trying new hairstyles and hair colors creating their unique and bewitching look. Probably you have already tried pastel trends but there is something new in this industry that is definitely worth trying. This post is for everyone regardless that fact that you are a redhead that wants to update her current red hair color or a brunette who wants to go red. Here are the best ways to wear red hair color in 2024. You will see that not only a hair color but also a haircut matters a lot.

Messy Ginger Hair

Having natural ginger hair is blessing. Only a small part of population has this magical hair color. If you are blessed with natural ginger hair, use it to your own benefit. Here is how you can demonstrate your ginger hair. Create lovely side braids and tease the rest of hair to give it even more natural appeal. This feminine hue flatters women with cool skin tone and freckles.

Copper Waves

You can never go wrong with this metallic shade. It is popular in any season of the year. If you are already a redhead you can easily update your color with this coppery shade, otherwise you have to bleach your locks. By the way the color looks good on wavy hair that is slightly flipped. Copper comes in numerous tones, make sure to pull off a color that compliments your skin tone.

Fiery Red Hair

If you dare to wear bright hair colors, this shade is definitely for you. The bloody red looks good on white complexion but that doesn’t mean women with other skin tones can’t pull off he look. This shimmering shade is worn on ultra long locks. Since the color is already bold enough, you can choose an effortless and simple hairstyle. There are really numerous red hair colors that you can be chosen from. What about this fiery red hair color? Indeed, it is amazing. The key to an excellent red hair color is to pay attention to the undertones in your complexion. Well, it may be hard for you to decide what shade works for your undertones, but you can always ask your hair colorist for help.

Orangey Red Hair Color

This shade leans on orangey side of the color. You can easily achieve this juice tone if you are a blonde or redhead. Surprisingly this warm hair color compliments a wide array of skin tones. For a mermaid-like look, keep your tresses slightly wavy and carefree. The orangey red hair color will definitely help you grab lots of attention.

Mahogany Brown Hair Color

If you are a brunette, we highly recommend going for mahogany brown. It doesn’t require lots of harsh and time consuming processes. Mahogany brown hair color allows you to experiment with brunette and red hair colors at the same time. The brownish undertones of the color make it available for women with various skin tones.

Burgundy Hair Color

As you can see red burgundy hair color perfectly complements dark skin tone. To show off your exquisite hair color you don’t have to do anything else rather than pulling your hair up and securing into a simple bun or ponytail style. The best thing is that it also allows you to show off your natural texture. It is the best moment to rock the coolest shade of red and stand out from the others.

Indeed, the shades of red are too impressive. It is not a secret that redheads grab lots of attention. Fairy reds and deep burgundy tones make a fabulous option for females with different ages. Only a little percentage of population has been born with natural red hair color. But no worries, you can easily transform from any hair color to redhead. Different varieties of red hair color flatter not only fair but also dark and medium skin tones.

Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Burgundy brown complements females with pale complexions. This shade tends to add warmth to cool-toned complexions. Note that the color also involves some rosy undertones that are blended with the rest of the shades. It is a great option for females who work in a conservative atmosphere. You may choose this version of experimenting with unnatural shades. Try it and turn many heads out there!

Peek-a-Boo Red Highlights

For all punk ladies out there, we have something crazy. The sunset-colored strands are meant to grab lots of attention. You can never go wrong with this unique hair color. Striking red highlights are placed in a peek-a-boo style to add a bold touch to the look. The mix of orange, yellow and neon shades are combined to create an incredible color combo.

Layered Hairstyle with Red Hair Color

When it comes to red hair colors, choosing a right haircut is quite important. You can never go wrong with a layered crop. This medium-length haircut looks quite tempting. It proves that you can still get enough volume on top by flipping only the ends of your strands.  If you are planning to get this style, make sure to ask your hairstylist for long face framing layers as well.

Muted Red Tones

If a single red tone seems quite boring, ask your hair colorist to blend several tones for a more versatile look. Below you can see the best example of a muted red hair color that is spiced up with a hint of pastel for a more delicious look. The color is not the only thing that makes this style so incredible, medium length waves are also crucial. If you have always wanted to experiment with pastels but you were afraid of a big commitment, here is the best style to go ahead with.

From ginger to fairy tones, red is always a bold choice. While it may seem a big change for you, the experts predict it to be the top trend of the year. Red tones can be matched to any skin tone and eye color. Next time you are feeling a big change, check the pictures that we have selected for you. You can’t go wrong with any of these styles, but you can make a bold statement. I am sure you are going to love these styles.

Copper Gold Hair Color 

While trying to select the best red hair colors, this copper-gold was the first that came into our mind. Celebrities’ hair colorists predict that this shade will be everywhere. Indeed, the key to achieving the most natural hair color is sticking to the copper. Any highlight applied to the color needs to be warm. So, make sure that you have chosen everything in harmony.

 Vibrant and Natural Red Hair Color 

This red also pops up supernatural and it is also very eye-catching and dimensional. Those who are into darker tones will definitely appreciate it. Note that it is browner than red but the reddish hues melted into the color make it rich and dimensional. If you are not ready to grab too much attention than it is the greatest hue you should take into consideration.

Living Coral Hair Color

This color of the year is bound to make an appearance among redheads. It looks like a rose gold but not fully. All you need to ask your hair colorist is a mix of blonde and red. The semi-blonde and semi-red shades make a great combination of the year. So, we think that the shade will rise in popularity and make not-only celebrities but also ordinary women rock the shade.

Auburn Highlights

Sometimes you just need to play up with simple highlights to get a fabulous hair look. It is easy to get and doesn’t require too much maintenance. You can choose your favorite tones to rock the look. The best look is shown below, get your inspiration from.